How do you move through the struggles of life?

Watch the video here:

Watch the video here:

Life is the ultimate teacher, and I am a humble student learning through every experience with the intention to grow and be my best.

Who said life is easy? The struggles are real, and we either have the tools, information, wisdom, experience, and support to rise above it or we don't. The fight to transcend our limitations can be weary on the heart, mind, body, emotions, heart, soul, and relationships. Some have made it, and some have not. 

In my eyes, they are all warriors. They've gifted us with pearls of wisdom from their presence, strength, vulnerability, and experience. 

We may not feel prepared at the time, but we are now. We will learn how to find the answers and solutions that we are seeking. We will learn how to ask for help and support. We will learn how to be so present and not overlook opportunities. We will act immediately with certainty and without hesitation.

Our presence and the words we say impact lives every day. 

In this video, I share with you the three big lessons/ideas I learned witnessing the challenges my clients have gone through whether it was suffering from a chronic health condition, having difficulties of being who they are meant to be or living their purposeful life.

I also share how I've learned from the struggles of being a Doctor Mom helping my oldest daughter with her chronic health condition. She's better compared to when she was a baby, but we are not over the hump yet. I am honoring her process of healing and providing everything she needs at this time to be an expression of vibrant health.

Do I regret any of my experiences? No. Was it hard? Yes. Was I willing to do the work with honor? Yes. Is the work ever done? No. With what I have gone through and who I am today, I feel more confident and capable of assisting those that have journeyed a similar path.

I hope the video helps you or your loved ones in some way. May you have the strength to follow through with what is necessary more consistently even when you may not understand, like, want, or enjoy it at the time. Trust and have faith that everything is serving in some way.

I would love to hear your insights and inspirations. Just leave your comments below. You'll never know how your words and online presence can change lives.

The connection and conversation are foundational to healing, living, and thriving. 

Please share if you feel your friend and family would appreciate this message.

Blessings, love, and joy,

Dr. Jaena

Founder of Simple Balance Health Center

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