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How To Drop The Struggle And Tune Into Your Intuition

  • Simple Balance Health Center (map)

Drop the Struggle….

Identify and Tune Into Your In-tuition

What if we drop the struggle?

What if the struggle is part of the process?

What if just by stopping we are able to tune into our inner wisdom?

What if wandering around aimlessly is bring us closer to ourselves?

What if waiting is part of our process?

What if anger serves a deeper purpose?

What if every part of life happenings are bringing us closer to our truth?

What if Life is spot on?

Ready to live your life, your way, on your terms? This is the new normal! This is how life is meant to be lived. Everything else pales in comparison. Simple, easy, flowing, high vibes and creative state.

Life is a river, always meant to flow in the direction of good, the problem begins when we turn life's canoe around and start to paddle upstream.….hence the struggles.

We start doubting questioning ourselves, life becomes dense, feeling heavy.

Relationships become harder,  our job/business may feel out of sorts, lack of luster in life, we are listening to the opinions of others, we feel depleted and exhausted, stress is our normal.

If any of the above are the results you have been living….. it’s a clear sign you are NOT listening to your intuition.

Just for a minute think of how beautiful, easy and pristine life could be if in fact, we are able to flow downstream.

How would your life look then?

Think of the fun, the exciting adventures, all the new experiences we would automatically attract.

Let that sink in, the feeling of pure bliss. Ahhhh following the flow, trusting we are in the right place at the right time. One’s best gift is knowing there's no getting it wrong.

This interactive class is set up to help to identify your intuition, trust your process, assisting remembering your true nature, your inner wisdom of truth, your inner compass, guiding you from within.

In order to show up as your unique expression in the world.

Remembering miracles and magic are the new norm.

It's time!

Let's play in endless possibilities

Let's do this….



Simple Balance Health Center

221 E Chicago Ave

Elgin, Il. 60120


When: June 7th at 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Cost: $40.00



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