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Mini Spirit Sketch Sessions

  • Simple Balance Health Center (map)

Jen will be providing private Mini Spirit Sketch sessions at Simple Balance from 10-2pm on Saturday, June 9th. 

What are Spirit Sketches?

Spirit sketches are channeled, custom drawn portraits of the energy that is surrounding you at this present time. Examples of energies that have come through are angels, ancestors, past lives, Saints, Star-beings, and passed loved ones.

What to Expect

During a 25 minute mini session, Jen meditates, sketches the face that comes through, and channels the main guiding message from your guide.  The only differences between a mini session versus a full are the length of time and the absence of questions and answers.

Cost: Mini Sessions are an energy exchange of $75.

To Book your private session, please e-mail Jen at with your time preference.

To learn more and see examples, visit or on Facebook at