High Frequency Healers

One-On-One Coaching Program

with Dr. Jaena


It's time to embark on your Hero's Journey...

Learn to create the best conditions to heal easily, live joyfully, and thrive abundantly with the mentorship of Dr. Jaena.

Every month, Dr. Jaena will coach you on being and becoming a High Frequency Healer that are rooted in Principles, Perspective, and Practices.

This program is your opportunity to change your life and to grow, explore, discover, and rediscover yourself again. And, realize that your presence impacts lives. 

As part of the High Frequency Healers Coaching Program, you receive: 

  • 50% off Thirteen One Hour Coaching Sessions with Dr. Jaena ($1950 Savings!): Every month starting in June of 2018, Dr. Jaena helps you reach higher levels of inspiration, confidence, well-being, and leadership in your life. She'll encourage you to implement the changes that are necessary to help you transition and evolve.

  • BONUS#1: Three Mastermind Group Gatherings with Dr. Jaena ($900 Value!): These Mastermind Group Gatherings assist you to cultivate the skills, intuition, and habits to improve your mindset, perception, health, relationships, and career. Dates will be announced.

    • Mastermind 1: The Practice of Presence

    • Mastermind 2: The Practice of Feeling

    • Mastermind 3: The Practice of Action

    • If you choose to claim this bonus, though, there is a separate one-time $50 materials fee.)

  • BONUS #2: Two One Hour Coaching Sessions with Dr. Jaena ($600 Value!): In these individual Coaching Sessions, Dr. Jaena will assess progress and help you reestablish clarity, courage, and confidence to lead from the heart and take action.

  • BONUS #3: High Frequency Healers, The Hero's Journey 6 Month Program that starts in July ($597 Value).

    • Receive a 12 Module Course to teach you the fundamentals of being a High Frequency Healer and to become more familiar with The Hero's Journey Terrain. The training will be pre-recorded and will be available in your member's area and delivered biweekly for six months.

    • LIVE monthly training and Q&A with Dr. Jaena. You can learn to break through to new levels of thinking, feeling, and being! Recordings will be available in your member's area.

    • The Hero's Journey Community Coaching Program: Connection and Social learning are vital to expanding our perspective from a limited to a holistic one. It is an opportunity to share our wisdom, insights, challenges, and how we choose to see our struggles as a gateway for growth. We realize through other people's efforts that we are not alone on this journey. We learn to be victors rather than victims. Recordings will be available in your member's area.

  • BONUS #4: Lifetime Access to Your High Frequency Healers Membership Area

Let Dr. Jaena coach you every month and have your best year possible unfold organically. You deserve this kind of high frequency training. Amplify your gift as a healer for yourself and be that instrument of change for others. Take action and apply now! There are only five spots available. You can reach another level of success in life. This is HOW. Apply today!

Cost of the Program is $1950

(Savings of $1950 which does not include all the bonus gifts that are worth a little over $2000)

This program is designed to optimally support you as you embark on your Hero's Journey.



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