myofascial release WITH INNA SMIRNOVA

A hands on therapy as taught by John F. Barnes that is used to promote wellness, restore movement, and assist with pain as it addresses restrictions in the body. A gentle and holistic form of body work, stretching, and self treatment techniques. Clients are encouraged to be active participants in their own healing and well being.

What is Fascia?

It is a whole body system from head to toe without interruption spreading in a 3D web, controlling every structure, system, and cell of our body. It is a communication system carrying large amounts of information and energy throughout our mind and body.

When we are traumatized, fascial restrictions can create a tensile strength of approximately 2000 lbs per square inch of pressure. This is equivalent of two full-grown horses standing on a nerve.”
— John F. Barnes

Benefits: Let go of subconscious patterns and restrictions that affect physiology and performance. Create change within yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Experience physiological unwinding effects that naturally assist with the body's ability to realign itself in mind, body, and energy. Learn to self treat and heal.