Naturopathic Services with Dr. Holly Wurtz

  • Clinical nutrition including Wahls Protocol: Individualized nutritional plans that address your unique biochemical needs are designed to help heal and restore your health.  Nutritional supplements may be suggested as a part of the plan to help add essential nutrients to your diet. 
  • Botanical/Herbal medicine: Plant medicines have been used for thousands of years and can be used alone or in combination to restore physiological balance and aid in managing acute and chronic conditions.
  • Lifestyle counseling & coaching: A holistic approach to care includes taking the time to listen to a person's unique story and collaborating to find solutions to their health issues. 
  • Homeopathy: A system of medicine that uses gentle, restorative remedies to effectively manage acute and chronic disease by stimulating the body's own innate healing energy.
  • Hydrotherapy: The use of hot or cold water to stimulate the body's healing energy and aid in recovery is used frequently in naturopathic medicine.  Some common hydrotherapy treatments include: peat baths, constitutional hydrotherapy, contrast showers, wet sheet packs and soaks.
  • Detox Programs: Custom, personalized plans are developed that gently and effectively support your body's own detoxification systems.
  • Conventional and Functional Lab Testing:  Lab work is often helpful in determining underlying health conditions.  It is also used as a tool to help monitor disease and evaluate the effectiveness of treatments.