Naturopathic Care with Dr. Lisa Krebs


Talk with Dr. Krebs to explore if naturopathic care and homeopathy is the right choice for you.


This is a 2-3 hour first visit, depending on the complexity of your concerns. It includes a complete patient history and homeopathic intake. We discuss you as a whole person, as well as specific dietary and lifestyle changes you can begin to implement immediately. A full treatment plan will be developed for you within 48 hours of your initial consultation, which may include recommendations for additional lab work, supplements, and a homeopathic remedy chosen to stimulate your body’s unique healing process.


Every individual responds at different rates to homeopathy. Effects can be immediate, other times changes develop over the course of a few weeks. It is important to remain in close communication with your homeopath at this time, so that remedies and dosages can be altered as needed.


  • Full Sessions: A monthly one hour follow up is recommended for your first year of care, as many patients find they can use this extra guidance as they implement new habits in their life, and adjust their treatment plan according to their changing needs. This can be done via phone or in office.
  • Check-ins: Phone calls can be scheduled as needed for any questions or concerns and are typically15-30 minutes long.


Patients new to the clinic receive a COMPLIMENTARY 1 hour follow up session when they schedule their initial appointment with Dr. Krebs ($100 value).