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NESHealth System…

The NESHealth System is a whole mind, body, and energetic approach that assess the human bio field and addresses over150 blockages and distortions in the body's flow of energy. It is a form of gathering information that assists the Practitioner and Client with the priorities and specific protocol to rejuvenate and enhance the body's innate self-healing ability and improve whole health physiology. 

The MiHealth Device is a hand-held biofeedback device that is noninvasive. It is used to clear the energetic blockages or trigger points on the body. This form of therapy is very effective for reducing stress, releasing and re-educating energy flow specific to systems, organs, and other areas of the body and mind.

The MiHealth Device can also be used off the body in broadcast mode emitting an electromagnetic frequency pulse wave to also clear the energetic blockages and re-establish optimal function and self-regulation. 

Infoceuticals are given to re-imprint optimal energetic information specific to the priorities and blockages of the individual. They specifically correct information flow to restore the optimal blueprint of health.