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It is said that the longest journey is from the head to the heart. You never know how your next stepping stone will lead you to your solutions. all our services are intended for you to find the clarity that you seek.

The best time to explore and experience is now. From their, you will know what to do. allow us to support you on your journey to heal, live, and thrive.



Upcoming Events

“Learning the techniques, learning only positive not negative - brought me PEACE!”
— Joanne, Bartlett, IL

movement restoration Workshop

Improve balance, strength, mobility, breath, and voice. Learn how to restore movement and energy through your body. Enhance your posture and presence. Generate energy, elevate your emotions, and move with resilience.


breathwork journey

Breathwork is a gentle way to release tension in mind, body, and emotions. Experience an inward journey with your breath. Essential oils and sound healing are used during your breathing time to help in clearing stuck energy.


simple beats drum cirlce

No experience required. Drumming has been helpful with stress release, creative expression, movement, rhythm, and connection. Plenty of percussive instruments are available to share. Have fun and enjoy an evening of spontaneity.



We offer a variety of services that specialize in holistic health, integrative medicine, and energy medicine. We compassionately care for people of all ages that are challenged with chronic health conditions and acute pain conditions. We also support those that are focused on wellness and transformational personal development. We provide the best environment for growth and help you create the best conditions within for healing, living, and thriving.


Upcoming Retreats


Guided Stillness and visionary retreat with Dr. Jaena

A whole day just for you to embark on a journey of mind, body, and soul restoration. Learn the power of stillness, imagination, presence, and intention. Plant the seeds for lifelong health, happiness, and peace.

Creative expression retreat with Dr. Jaena

Dedicate quality time to learning simple and foundational practices that awaken your creative expression in mind, body, and emotion. Experience your human potential as you consciously become an instrument of change and creativity in the world.

heal, live,and thrive retreat

Immerse yourself in a 3-day retreat to help you remember who you are. Most importantly, empower yourself with simple mindful practices and tools on how to heal easily, live joyfully, and thrive abundantly. Enjoy a weekend with others that are on a path of growth.

Monthly Community Healing: Sharing is Caring