Our mission is to heighten the health of

humanity now and for generations to come.


It all started when…

a seed was planted in a little girl's heart to help and serve people and the world. Dr. Jaena Stanley-Gonzaga followed through with her calling by becoming a Chiropractic Doctor specializing in holistic health, integrative medicine, and energy medicine. 

She opened the doors of Simple Balance Health Center on October 15, 2003, with the intention to create the most optimal and sustainable environment of health for those that serve the well-being of the community and those that seek care, guidance, and support.

The Simple Balance vision and intention for all are to heal easily, live joyfully, and thrive abundantly.
— Dr. Jaena Stanley-Gonzaga

Simple Balance has evolved over the years to meet the struggles and challenges that many people face in regards to healing, living, and thriving.

For this reason, Dr. Jaena has brought together an integrative team of Holistic Health Doctors, Physical Therapists, Energy Workers, Practitioners, and Experts who serve with compassion and excellence. She understood that the mission was too great for one person and needed a team that aligned with the mission, vision, and purpose of Simple Balance.

Our purpose is to be our best, serve with compassion and joy, and empower our local and global community to heal, live, and thrive.
— Simple balance health center

The center has withstood many of its challenges and has been lifted by the community to be what it is now, a unique and effective model of health, service, and business. Its all about community serving the community from the heart.

Simple Balance would love for you to know that when you embark on a journey of being a better healthier version of yourself, there is always someone available who will walk right alongside, meet you where you're at, encourage you to rise courageously, and empower you with the tools to succeed. Know that you will always have a safe and sacred place that will nourish and nurture your mind, body, heart, and soul. 

Our story is just beginning. Join our movement....

Take care of yourself as a service to those you love and those you would love to inspire.
— Dr. Jaena Stanley-Gonzaga