Open Your Presence Before Christmas!

This poem came to me one morning. I kept hearing, “Open Your Presence Before Christmas.”

With my three year old distracted, I had the opportunity to sit at our kitchen table and write.

The process in itself was magical. Enjoy the message I am sharing with you.

We can never forget how our presence is the present all year round.

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Have a Merry Christmas!

Dr. Jaena

Open Your Presence Before Christmas!

by Dr. Jaena

"Open before Christmas,"

the little note read.

So, I picked up the present

and shook it instead.

The wrapping is done beautifully

with a big red bow on top.

I tore it up anyways

excited to see what I got.

I opened the box joyfully

and saw nothing inside.

The box was empty

with a letter taped to one side.

It said, "The present that you seek

is way too big for this box.

Nothing can contain it

that's the paradox.

This gift is meant to remind you

your Presence is more than enough.

You can bring love, joy, & peace to others

rather than more stuff.

You are divinely packaged and meant

to be ripped open with purpose and joy.

You are an instrument of God's Creation

and not to be used and abused as a toy.

The emptiness also reminds you

that your Presence fills the space.

It is seen from the heart

and felt with humility, gratitude, and grace.

Presence has depth and power

which no box can ever contain.

It has the will to impact the lives we touch

across the whole earth plane.

We are all connected

by Divine Presence at our core.

To share this gift brings attention

to this unseen and benevolent source.

Open your Presence before Christmas

and every day after that.

It brings meaning to the present

no matter where you are at.

Ultimately, people will remember

how you made them feel.

They will cherish this blessing forever

- authentic and real.

Presence is the gift that keeps on giving

for everyone involved;

always reminding us,

we are whole, complete, and loved.