Creative Expression Retreat

To Be Announced


Have you ever felt stifled in the way you express yourself or uncomfortable under your skin? Do you ever feel that you are just not creative in sharing your thoughts, ideas, and voice? Do you sometimes feel your body is so restricted that it limits your healing, connection, and relationship with yourself and others?

This one day retreat is dedicated to clearing and releasing the "issues in your tissues" that block you from fully expressing who you really are. Learn simple and empowering practices that exercise your thoughts, voice, breath, and movement. Empower yourself to be the creative human being desiring to be an instrument of change in the world. Who knows what you will uncover as you dedicate time to allow your creativity to flow without feeling judged. We are creating the most optimal environment for play and exploration. It's time for you to courageously rise and be the best person you can be now. Know how your creative expression and presence can impact lives.




• Facilitated by Dr. Jaena Stanley-Gonzaga
• Learn practices to move energy through your voice
• Experience contemplative awakening meditation
• Practice movement restoration exercises
• Learn the power of presence and intention

•Generate the energy of joy, peace, and happiness
•Create your struggle to success story
•Align your heart, mind, and body creatively
•Learn how to be an instrument of change you seek
•Be fully engaged, uplifted, and supported

Cost is $149

*Includes tuition and material fees.


Prepare for your retreat

This retreat is an all day event so please schedule and plan accordingly. This day is for you. Your intention will be very important so start thinking about what inspired you to want to be a part of this experience. Set an intention that will assist your mind, body, and soul's creative expression.

Here is important information to prepare for your whole day with Dr. Jaena.

  • Registration is from 8 am to 9 am. 
  • The retreat will start at 9 am.
  • Lunch will be from 12:30p - 1:30p. Please pack a healthy lunch. Snacks and drinks will be provided.
  • Please wear comfortable and layered clothing.
  • Bring a water bottle, yoga mat, blanket, and pillow.
  • Release expectations and put your attention on creativity, exploration, and enjoyment.

We hope you will join us. Change starts with you. 



Due to the nature of this retreat, payment is non-refundable.