Top 12 Insights When Lost Or Confused About Your Path

Something that strikes deep in my heart is when people say, "I am so lost, and I don't know what to do anymore." Or, they say, "I'm confused, and my mind can't figure things out." The head is literally burnt out and has a difficult time analyzing and thinking because we've been living from here most our lives.

Have you ever felt that way? I did. It was when my life was very out of balance, and it felt like I was losing myself. I had a difficult time managing Simple Balance, family, and my health. And, I had to make some critical decisions of how much time I would put aside to serve others, how I can have more quality time with my family, and how I can create space to breathe and take care of myself.


Here are some insights from experience and from others that have helped me move through these challenging times. These insights helped me grow, be more resilient, and evolve to be a better version of myself. When these thoughts or thoughts that are similar come through, it can indicate the following:
1. Acknowledge, align, and allow a connection with your higher power and presence that is always available to assist and guide you from the heart.
2. Lead from the heart and let the head figure out how to bring forth what you sincerely desire that will benefit you and everyone around.
3. Realize that you cannot do some things alone or the same way ever again.
4. Change is in the air, and it's time to create space for the new, to transition, and break old patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as well as the people and environment you surround yourself with.
5. It's time for you to learn, explore, and cultivate the skills and to have more tools that are knowledge or practice base to build a higher quality of life and relationships, improve your health, have more self-control, and develop habits that increase progress and productivity.
6. Clear your schedule of busy activities that are more of a distraction rather than something that enhances your overall state of wellbeing.
7. Share what's on your mind and how you feel about them with someone you trust and respect who will be available to listen, be present, and allow your process to unfold.
8. It's time to create still time, meditation, prayer, and immerse yourself in nature.
9. Dream again, find creative avenues to express yourself, be courageous, and connect with supportive people and animals.
10. Reassess who you are and your life and ask yourself the questions that will spark growth and clarity of who you are, your purpose, and your will and enthusiasm to follow through.
11. Learn how to take better care of yourself and be a great role model to those you love and would love to inspire.
12. Seek professional help.

Blessings on your journey. May all your experiences be an opportunity for growth, awakening, and evolution.

With gratitude and joy,

Dr. Jaena