Happy and Healthy Journey


I've found that poems and stories help people relate to their journey of health and happiness.

The poem below is inspired by many of the clients that have sought help from me throughout the years. It shows their initial mindset and perception of their health and happiness and how they have evolved once they understand that healing begins within. Just like you, I had gone through very similar experiences when I lived my life in my head. 

What I share is what I learned through my challenges of health. I hope the words of wisdom will inspire you or help you look at your health, healing, and happiness in a new light.

One more thing. I decided to put a little bit of humor just because I feel laughter is the best medicine. When you can laugh while reading some of these verses, there is a part of you that connects to the pattern of thought, emotion, perception, or behavior. I would recommend to acknowledge the pattern, be aware of the misalignment or alignment, and make a better more conscious choice that creates a Happy and Healthier Journey from this point on. 

Our destiny is to grow, be our best, and serve with heart and intention. Remember, include yourself in the service too. The rule of thumb is, "Do not exclude yourself." Always look at the bigger picture of your role in the whole process. You are important, central, and vital to life and your relationships to all beings.

With that, your purpose will then clarify itself. Who you are meant to be and become is decided upon by you. The solutions and answers will be available. The people will show up to support you. The benefits of being happy and healthy are unlimited. Performance, creative expression, and joy are elevated with more freedom to experience the extraordinary.

Enjoy! Please leave a comment, insight, or inspiration. You never know how your online presence impacts lives. If you love this poem, you are welcome to pass it on. Thank you!

Blessings, love, and joy,

Dr. Jaena


This pain! This pain is in the way!
It interferes with every part of my day!

My plans! My schedule! I cannot miss!
Slowing down is an inconvenience. 
It doesn’t help my to-do list.

I’ve been dealing with this for years and years. 
I’ve seen too many Doctors, 
and they say, “No findings here.”

I want to heal. I really do!
But, if taking care of myself is the priority,
I don’t think I really want to.

Can’t this just go away? 
I just want everything to stay the same.
That’s not the reality I’m facing.
I must start all over again.

I decided to try a new approach. 
It’s unfamiliar, and I hope it works.

It’s holistic medicine that cares for the whole being. 
No drugs, no surgery, only natural remedies
to awaken my healing.

I thought I would get better, but I only got worse.
Dr. Jaena says, “Healing is a process and not a curse.”

I stopped eating gluten and felt dizzy and numb. 
Dr. Jaena says, ”You're detoxifying and clearing. 
The discomfort is necessary and can be overcome.”

I recognize I do not eat well. 
My jaw is clenched and body tight.
I’m beginning to understand how I got here. 
The stress is the battle I always fight.

My prayer has been answered, 
but do I want to get well?
Because changing my habits feels like hell!

I do everything, and I don’t know how to be.
This healing thing is not easy. 
Why did it have to be me?

Dr. Jaena says, “your body is inflamed, 
and your mind cannot rest.
Your energy is blocked
and emotions in distress.

Do you want short-term results or long-term gain? 
Your body wants to get well
and has gotten your attention via pain.

Pain lets you know something is wrong.
Pain is not your enemy
and is not meant to last for long.

Take some time to reflect and assess your health and life. 
The pain is an indicator that something is out of alignment
and in strife.

You can choose to ignore this and not get to the cause. 
You can live your life suffering
instead of taking the time to pause.

Change is necessary, inevitable, and must be allowed. 
Change is the challenge if you want to evolve.

Your life and your family desire the best for you. 
They love you and want you to be happy and healthy too.

Pain is not meant to get in the way of your flow. 
The pain is saving your life for you to grow.

Your perception, thoughts, and beliefs
are going to be very important here.
Are you willing to take risks for you to heal?”

Well, if you put it that way, my health is my only choice. 
I’ve been very distracted by all of the noise.

I have done what is expected of me, 
and I don’t know what else to do.
My family depends on me, 
and I wouldn’t want to be an inconvenience too.

I’ll take this challenge on to learn more about me.
And what I can do to be happy and healthy.

How long it will take to feel better doesn’t matter now.
I’ve got the guidance, tools, and support
for everything to fall into place somehow.

My heart feels at ease. My body relaxed. My mind still.
I am calm and know I have what it takes to completely heal.