6 Things You Must Know When Dealing with a Chronic or Mystery Illness

How many Doctors have you been to already? Do others see, feel, and have compassion for your pain and suffering? Do they understand what you must do and the incredible willpower you must generate just to do the simple things in life and function?

Our journey of healing isn't an easy one.

Chronic illnesses are becoming the norm in the medical industry. The unexplainable symptoms can show up suddenly or over a duration of time. When lab work and diagnostic imaging is within the normal range, it makes those who are suffering misunderstood and not seen. How frustrating would it be to know that something is not right within you? The answers are so vague, and the cause is so unclear, even with discrepancies in the tests.

At the end of the day, it feels like you are to blame for your health problem with nothing you can do to help your situation. The reasons being your faulty genes, chronic inflammation, or the body is attacking itself.

Here are some Must Knows when dealing with a chronic or mystery illness:

1. You've got bugs overwhelming your system.

  • Being labeled with autoimmune, Fibromyalgia, and anything ending with -itis, the answer is most likely viral. Viruses create neurotoxins that cause chronic inflammation of the nerves and tissues that last and damages your body resulting in your mystery symptoms.

  • These pathogens reside in the liver, spleen, pancreas, digestive tract, and in severe cases in the nervous system.

  • Drinking celery juice and your heavy metal detox smoothie is a great start.

  • Eliminating the foods that feed them, welcoming the healing and medicinal foods, and lowering the intake of animal fat and protein is highly beneficial.

  • Adding supplements and herbs to help ward them off and boost the immune system and liver also help to move the needle.

2. Don’t feed the pathogens!

  • Stay away from these foods: gluten, corn, canola, eggs, dairy, pork, and soy. Viruses and bacterias love them! It's best to starve the bugs by not giving them what they love.

  • In addition to the above, pathogens feed off of pharmaceuticals, hormones, heavy metals, and toxins. In essence, what’s in your liver?

3. Take care of your liver.

  • A healthy liver keeps the Doctor away. Check out my post on how to care for your liver here.

  • Don’t get too caught up in the Paleo and Keto Diets. You may get results short term and for those that do not, it is an indicator of a very sluggish and toxic liver that cannot handle the high fat and high protein diet. What I’ve observed is that people gain weight rather than lose weight.

  • Start with 16 oz of celery juice every morning to help improve digestion, heal the liver, improve metabolism, enhance immunity, increase HCl production, and clearing of heavy metals, toxins, and pathogens.

  • Get the book, Liver Rescue and Celery Juice, by Anthony William

4. Everyone's got heavy metals that are creating symptoms and wreaking havoc in the mind and body.

  • How? Heavy metals are passed on from generation to generation. And, heavy metals are everywhere like mercury, aluminum, nickel, copper, cadmium, and lead. They are in our pharmaceuticals, unfiltered water, fluoride treatments, tin foil, and daily exposure in our environment.

  • The viruses and bacteria feed on heavy metals that create Neurotoxins that cause Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Neuropathies, and many mystery neurological and chronic illnesses. Also, heavy metals have a destructive charge that is damaging to our cells on many levels; mental, emotional, and physical.

5. Food does matter.

  • Have you been told by your Doctor or Health Practitioner to eat whatever you want and that it doesn't matter what you eat? Have you ever tried putting whatever you want into your car's gas tank to fuel it? It doesn’t work. You must understand the workings of your body and learn how foods heal. It’s very easy to be drawn into the fads and trends out there. The misuse of food can hurt you and slow down your progress. It’s time to break that pattern now.

  • Check out the heavy metal detox smoothie. I would recommend drinking this every day.

  • Use your food to soothe, restore, and support the Adrenals by snacking every 90 min to 2 hours.

  • Learn how to use food as natural medicine by checking out all of the Medical Medium Book Series.

6. Healing is a lifestyle and your expression of health and radical transformation.

When you go through an enormous trial that pushes you to your limits, like battling a chronic illness, and you finally learn the truth and are able to overcome and rise above whatever you were up against, you may experience radical transformation on a soul and spirit level. You may not realize this at the time, but the bacteria or virus you were battling and the trying circumstances it created actually helped bring about this soul transformation.
-Anthony William, Medical Medium
  • You are creating a lifestyle of compassion, patience, and discipline. It takes time to learn new habits of effective self-care. Give yourself the space and time for every cell in your body to restore itself.

  • You are healing the past, present, and future. You are the awakened one clearing the inherited pain and suffering with the work you are doing now. I understand that it feels like starting all over again. You gotta change one more time. Ugh! Don't allow doubt to creep in. What your going through is called Growth and Radical Transformation.

  • Anchor in faith and belief that you have the power within you to heal yourself and all the support necessary will always be here for you. It is possible to heal easily, live joyfully, and thrive abundantly.

Our Simple Balance Family would like to honor all of those who are always fighting to live another day.

We see you! We understand that you are giving it your all. A mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual battle every day.

Know that there is hope. Keep the faith and trust your process of healing. Do whatever it takes regardless of the timeline.

Acknowledge the divine relationship and guidance that you have asked and prayed for to assist and support you during times of darkness and uncertainty.

Keep taking one step at a time in the direction of what is only a speck of light. Even if others do not see or understand you, have the most profound capacity to see and understand yourself. Deep in your heart, you've got this. Grasp any glimmer of truth that will light your path.

Your unique truth of healing will resonate with you and ignite life back into you. The path may not make logical sense; however, you will have a greater understanding of the knowledge and wisdom you are blessed with. The heart and mind will one day dance together in joy.

Your only purpose now is to heal while inspiring others to do the same. Your soul, spirit, heart, mind, and body are harmonizing as we speak. Again, trust your process.

You are not crazy. What you are experiencing is real. And, you are not alone.

Blessings, love, and compassion,

Dr. Jaena

Founder of Simple Balance Health Center and Medical Medium Advocate