Healing is Soul Deep

There is a power deep within you,

a divine presence, tangible and true.

It knows of your suffering and pain.

It calls for your attention again and again.

"Why do you ignore me? Did you not know?

Healing is soul deep. It is where you must go.

Why run around in circles? Go to the source.

Connect with your power and stay the course.

Release your doubt and relinquish your fear.

There is only compassion and love that reside here.

Healing is possible for the chronically ill.

It's not limited to managing sickness with a pill.

It's not your fault that you are sick.

Misinformation has been the epidemic.

You are more than the physical.

You have a heart, mind, and soul.

Nourish and nurture all of the above.

Ignite your healing with unconditional love.

I am here for you. Please let me in.

Healing is soul deep. This is where we must begin.

Everything else will follow. You will see.

Time is of the essence. Please set me free."

by Dr. Jaena Stanley-Gonzaga