Simple Balance Health Principles

1. Your presence impacts lives.


2. Take care of yourself as a service to those you love and would love to inspire.


3. Healing is soul deep. (Click here to read the poem)


4. Create the best conditions to heal, live, and thrive.


5. As human beings, we must always leave room for growth, compassion, and love.


6. Health is the highest and most harmonious creative expression of healing easily,

living joyfully, and thriving abundantly.


7. Establish the most sacred and safe environment first.


8. Generosity is our fuel for abundance.


9. See, think, and feel in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.


10. There is great power in the invisible.


11. Compassionate wisdom, compassionate words, and compassionate action.


12. Decisiveness creates a path of clarity.


13. Healing is feeling, and feeling is healing.

Jaena Stanley-Gonzaga