A Poem to Shift Your Perspective from Struggle to Triumph

May we meet the challenges and struggles of life as Victors. My children are a huge inspiration in my life and were the catalyst to creating this poem. It is dedicated to everyone who desires to courageously rise, be who they authentically are, and become who they are meant to be. 

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Blessings, love, and joy,

Dr. Jaena


God's Grace written by Dr. Jaena Stanley-Gonzaga

I look to the horizon 

not knowing what to do.

The unknown scares me. 

I'm just like you.


Fears, doubts, and insecurities try to get in the way.

My heart says, "Breathe, sit in stillness, and listen to God's grace."


I hear a message, "Live life, every moment. 

Don't worry about what people say. 

Live a life of purpose,

and be more intentional with your day.


Point yourself in the direction your heart says to go.

From there, your gifts and talents will inevitably flow.


Support yourself with love and the people that lift you up.

Release all the distractions and let go of all the fluff.


Be open to new experiences, learn, grow and be free.

You'll find the clarity that you've been seeking, and you'll know the person you're meant to be.


In your darkness, be present, and feel for the light.

The seeing is feeling the brilliance that has always been inside.


A divine and loving human being, alive, and experiencing life on this Earth. 

There is a sacred connection to all things established eons before birth.


So, be kind to yourself and others because that is what matters in the end. 

The relationships are like flowers that we must compassionately tend.


Take care of yourself with honor; with excellent health, you'll serve the world. 

And remember, your actions will always speak much louder than words.


The path towards your dreams is not easy and will require a lot of work. 

Disciplines and practices will build character as well as good-hearted teamwork.


Do not judge yourself by the mistakes you've made; they are lessons in disguise. 

Mastery requires the skill to fall and the ability to courageously rise.


See the visions of tomorrow while never losing sight of today. 

There is so much here for you, and more abundance on the way.


Be open, willing, and receptive to the ideas and creative expression that come through. 

Know you are a Creator;

the time is now to be YOU.


The most significant gift to share with you is your power of conscious choice. 

It is the ultimate freedom that expresses your authentic voice.


These are the simple principles that are foundational to life.

Enjoy the journey step by step as you heal, live, and thrive."


"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.", I reply with sincere gratitude. 

My mind says, "I Embrace God Openly with a worthy attitude."


My heart and mind reunites and celebrates with a harmonious dance. 

I am whole and complete with a second chance.